Sixth Grade Supply List

If your family needs support with school supplies, please complete the flyer and send it to Tania Muskett, parent liaison, at @email  Ms. Muskett will schedule appointments for your family to receive school supplies.

6th Grade Lorton Station ES Supply List 2021-2022

7      Notebooks (2 red, 2 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow, and 1 black)

2      Two Pocket Folders

1      Package of three 3 x 3 yellow post it notes

2      Packages of wide ruled notebook paper

5      Glue sticks

1      Glue bottle

2      Pair of student scissors (Leave one at home, bring one to school)

1      Package of colored pencils (12 count)

1      Package of markers (10 count)

2      Yellow highlighters

1      Package of dry erase markers (4 counts)

4     Boxes of number 2 pencils

2      Packages of pink erasers (2 count package)

2      Boxes of tissues

1      Pump container of hand sanitizer (7.5 oz.)

2      Boxes of Ziploc bags quart size (girls); 1 Box of Ziploc bags gallon size (boys)

1      Container of baby wipes (girls)

1      Container Disinfectant wipes (boys)

1      Pair of headphones (will be left at school)

1      Rulers (12 in) standard and metric

*No mechanical pencils.   No 3-subject notebooks




6th Grade AAP Lorton Station ES Supply List 2020-2021


6       Spiral notebooks (blue, red, green, yellow, purple, and orange)

1       Roll of scotch tape

1       Roll of clear packing tape

1       Composition notebook

1       Package of #2 pencils

1       Package of colored pencils (12 count)

1       Pencil bag (soft pouch preferred)

1       Pair of scissors

6       Glue sticks

1       Water bottle (please put your child’s name on it)

1       Personal pencil sharpener

1       Large pink eraser

1       Yellow highlighter

2       Box of tissues

1       Pocket folder

1       Container of Clorox or Lysol Wipes

2       Bottles of hand sanitizer

***Reminder, students are allowed to bring their own devices but MUST adhere to FCPS SR&R regarding their use.